More about St Andrew and St Osmund

Our parish has two patron saints - Andrew and Osmund - reflecting the combining of the parishes of their respective names. The church is that dedicated to St Osmund, built in 1904.


St Osmund

St Osmund was an eleventh century Normandy nobleman who held various positions in England follwing the Norman conquest, including being one of the Chief Commisioners in the drawing up of the Domesday Book. In 1078 he was consecrated Bishop of Sarum, a position he held until his death in1099. Originally buried at Old Sarum his remains were transferred to Salisbury Cathedral on 23 July 1457.


Osmund's three main achievements.

The construction of Old Sarum cathedral.

The constitution of a cathedral body following the Norman model of dean, precentor, chancellor, treasurer and canons; a form still in use today.

The formation of Sarum Use, regulating liturgy and calendar, that within one hundred years was in widespread use throughout England, Wales and Ireland.

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St Andrew

Th Apostle Andrew was the brother of the Apostle Peter, and the first person to publicly declare Jesus to be the Messiah. Andrew is referred to rugularly in the Gospels. As the early church spread Andrew is said to have praeched along the Black Sea and the Dnirpier and Volga rivers.

He is said to have been martyred by crucifixion at Patras.

As well a Scotland, Andrew is also the patron saint of Russia, Romania, Cyprus and several other contries plus various trades including fisherman and rope makers.

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