Organ rebuilding

The organ at St Osmund's had been temperamental for some time. Advice was received that it was beyond economic repair.

This left us looking for a replacement organ. Buying new was out of the question. So the search was on for a redundant instrument. In autumn 2012 we were very lucky to be gifted the organ from Queen's Hall Methodist Mission in Derby, following their closure.

An opportunity not to be missed.

We would still need in excess of £12000 though to cover the costs of dismantling and rebuilding, so fundraising is going on to achieve this.

We engaged the services of local organ builder, Ed Stow. The Queen's Hall instrument was dismantled and moved to storage in St Osmund's.

Parts of the dismantled organ in the side aisle at St Osmund's

Shortly after Easter 2013 Ed started work. The old organ was removed and some parts of the new one were renovated.

Then we were ready to start installing parts of the new organ.

Some of the first pipes.

No space will be wasted

Get the heavy lifting gear in!

And in it goes!

More is added

And we start to get an idea of what the finished instrument will look like.

More pipes are added

More pipes are manoeuvred into place

And now it looks like an organ!


Who'll be first in the driving seat

According to Ed there's still a few more bits to do but the end is in sight..


Most of the instrument is now in place and it is being played on occasion.

A sample recording of the organ being played in it's current state is here

It is completed!

With many thanks to the efforts of Ed and his band of helpers the installation is done.

The organ was dedicated by the Archdeacon of Derby at a special Choral Evensong at 6.30pm on 11th May.

The inaugrual recital will be given by David Butterworth at 7.30pm on 14th June.




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